Monday, October 30, 2006


must get out of my toenails phase
and grow up
and this blog is freaking ugly

there is only one solution
and that is to move blog

Monday, September 25, 2006

knn i read my previous posts and i must sound freaking gay la. wa lau for everyone's information (especially all cute girls) i am not gay.

anw i jus went for a wedding last nite (not mine). and i felt darmn happy for the groom (my ocs PC) and the bride. i think when my friends start getting married one by one my heart will be torn aprart by the contrast in emotions that i will feel. tears of joy from the right eye. tears of sadness from the left eye.

two good frens leaving for UK again this week. no one to talk crazy things about. walao guys PANG SEI! knn its been a week of high and lows. having a one week break is not good for the soul. back to work in two days...

Friday, July 07, 2006

tribute to sx

who is there in my life?

SOPHIE WILL YOU MARRY ME??????????????????????


this is a tribute to shengxiang the medic who is in the same branch as yanting, making him from the same tree as yanting. they absorb the same fetilizer.



see? this post is really a tribute to shengxiang.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

how does it end?

a little girl was skipping along the road
in her hand was a bag of candy she meant to give to the boy she loved
unknown to her, there was a hole in the bag
as she skipped along, the sweets started to fall out of the bag, one by one

behind her followed a boy who picked up every single piece of candy
and kept them safely for her

Monday, April 17, 2006

st bernadette

this is a story i heard when i was little. i've not thought of it in a long time but recently i was reminded of it again. its a beautiful story but many don't know of it. its the story of a little girl. her name was bernadette...

she was born into a family of poverty in lourdes, france. her parents were poor, and she was of poor health. one day, she was sent to gather firewood with her sister. it was while she was gathering wood that a lady appeared to her at a rosebush.

this lady was more beautiful than any she had, or would ever see. the lady was dressed in blue and white robes. the lady smiled at her and made the sign of the cross with a rosary. upon seeing this, she too took out her rosary and prayed fervently. unknown to her then, this lady was the virgin mary, mother of jesus.

the virgin mary appeared to her seventeen other times. she was told to pray for sinners, do penance, and build a chapel in the lady's honour. when she spoke of her visions, no one believed her. she suffered much as a result of this, but still she did her lady's will.

one day, the lady asked her to dig into the mud. she did as she was told. as she dug, a stream of water began to flow. this spring grew bigger and bigger as the days went by, the people of lourdes used this water and many miracles happened because of the water.

and that is the story of st. bernadette

christian or not, i find this story a very lovely one. sometimes we might not know why we are doing something, and it seems that giving up is the best option, but we have to keep on doing it because its so important to everyone else.

Monday, January 30, 2006


alot of things can happen in four months...
if u eat three paddle-pops a day for four months you'll be eating around 360 paddle pops
my bro shengxiang left for india while i was in thailand and i didn't think too much about it
after all, i thought four months would pass quickly...
january's almost gone, i didn't even notice.
february's peeping at me from around the corner and i feel a sense of dread meeting it. the month ahead already feels so empty before it has even come.

bah. ever since i've gone to ocs i have drifted away from the people i felt so close to...with a few exceptions. feels like i forgot how to talk to people and be the person i once was. when a tree sheds all its leaves, is it still a tree?

so many crazy thoughts drifting through my mind recently i feel so suffocated.
thats what happens when you got time on your hands but nothing to do.
i so much want to start going to school again,
play the sport i love so much and lead the life i had before.
i sometimes wish i'm peter pan and i never had to grow up...
it would be nice to be stuck at an age you want to be,
being 20 makes me feel so old, feel as though i'm supposed to make myself useful
another 5 years i enter the working world
another 15 years i'll be facing mid-life crisis
another 25 years i wont have the energy to kick a ball
i need to find my never-land.

rattled on enough this is so unlike me. i wonder if anyone still visits this blog.
and to my bro in india: same to you...
i'll make a wish for you
and hope it will come true
that life would just be kind
to such a gentle mind

and if you lose your way
think back on yesterday
remember me this way
remember me this way

Sunday, October 30, 2005


"the world needs more lazy people like you and me" this is an extremely profound and true statement that someone said to me recently. ok it is not THAT profound but i guatantee 100% that it is true. if you can get 100% results with 20% effort, whats the point of putting in 100% effort to get the same results!? this i put to the majority of singaporeans out there in school, in the army, working blah blah blah. i feel that you guys work too hard. honestly. sit back and relax! be lazy! one can only find true enlightenment by being lazy. look at the monks... they are all enlightened and contented, but do you ever see them stressed? do you ever see them sweating from effort? hardly.

our world is now dominated with user friendly products. who creates them? people who want to be lazy of course. deep inside, WE ARE ALL LAZY. ALL HUMANS ARE LAZY. so stop trying to be someone you're not meant to be. BE LAZY. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.

laziness is an ART. it requires a stubborness of mind, a determination not to do what is required, a will and spirit to stay rooted and strong despite disapprovement from others. in the end an opportunity will arise that will allow to task to be done with minimal effort, and we must be alert enough to grab that chance. otherwise, always remember, THE WORLD FIXES ITSELF. no matter how long it takes, the world balances out for you and me. a piece of rubbish on the floor that we are too lazy to pick up will get blown away by the wind to some faraway land. or ants might bring it away for you. mother nature is full of little helpers for those who are lazy.

so everyone, please recognize the virtues of being lazy. i know its hard but do try. if possible, be lazy yourself. laziness is an art. remember that.


"you do not love someone cos she is beautiful. she is beautiful cos you love her."

Saturday, August 20, 2005

taking flight

have you ever stood at the chocolates part of the supermarket with the all impotant question burning brightly in every corner of your brain? hersheys cookies and cream or mars? peanut butter M&Ms or twix? caramel kitkat or milky bar? the list goes on. at this crucial junction of your life you gotta make choices that will stay with you forever. yes? and honestly i don't see where some of my choices are taking me. if you're gonna say that you're afraid to leap off the plane, people will automatically assume that you're scared of what befalls you, the unknown that is going to happen. but maybe sometimes its not what's out there thats preventing you from taking that step. maybe its something that you're so afraid to leave behind. will you still have it when you get back? maybe you don't want to jump just yet because you haven't finished the in-flight movie? shit talking cock beating around the bush. anyway i chose the twelve pack Mars, milky bar nougats and grilled shrimp flavour pringles. and by the way you can't have all of them because hersheys cookies and cream (1.20) + mars ($1.30) + peanut butter m&ms ($1+) + caramel kitkat ($1.80) + milky bar nougats ($1.65) + twix ($1.30) = $8++ which exceeds my budget for chocolates per week.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


just finished reading Life of Pi. if anyone had told me a few months back that i would be a bookaholic at this point in time i would have laughed my toenails off, but the proof is here. seven books in the last six weeks or so. truth is, reading keeps my brain from degenerating. they keep me sane by filling my mind with insanities.

i set a new record of sorts today. suffering from a fever, i slept from 0000hours until 1930 hours today, waking up for lunch and to get medicine... i never knew a human being could sleep for so long, but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly, a sign of self satisfaction (i believe), that i am capable of such a feat.

anyway i dreamt of garlic bread last night. typing that last line reminds me of pizza hut's garlic break, which gives me an insatiable hunger for pizza. speaking of which, i now have a craving for KFC. the hunger is killing me!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

dear hair

dear hair,
i have just had many a teary goodbye with many of my belongings, but i finally realise, by going into the army, i am not losing my family, my friends, my powerpuffs. what i am losing is you. you have been a faithful companion to me these past 19 years of my life. you stuck on me through thick and thin and there is nothing i can say really to express my deep founded gratitude to you.
i know i have been so shitty to you, i have neglected you the past year or so. i have not even bothered to comb you in the mornings. in the mornings, before you are even half awake, i subject you to the harsh treatment of cold water from my shower. i sincerely apologize for that. and now i am going to have to part with you without the time to pay you the attention you deserve.
although we may part, we will always be together in soul. part of you will remain with me even though you are gone. i just wish, i just pray for one more week with you and i will treat you with all the respect you deserve. i will buy gatsby wax for you. i will enrich you in pantene every day. but alas, it is not to be. we shall part in two days, and may it be a loving parting full of fond hugs and sweet goodbyes.
till i see you again (in the mirror),
yours always,

Monday, April 04, 2005

dear prawn

dear dawn prawn brawn lawn pawn yawn grawn,

hello how are you. i am fine thank you. did you know that prawns can be cooked in many different ways? firstly, there is drunken prawns. i am very proud that you are not an alchoholic so you do not fall into this category of prawns. however, drunken prawns are the most delicious of the lot. especially if you eat them raw. its the only type of prawns that you can eat raw, because they are drunk and would not put up overt resistence. imagine eating agitated prawns or aggressive prawns instead of drunken prawns. not aan appetizing thought. it will tire the gums.

secondly, there is tampura prawns. mutshibishi? yakiniko? ogeni deska? ayumi hamasaki? this japanese way of cooking prawns i do not fancy, no no. thirdly, you can cook prawns in batter and chilli. but why am i talking about prawns. this letter is to you.

anyway soon i will be going into ns and i won't see much of you anymore, not that there is much of you to see anyway if i look horizontally, but do please remember this scrawny friend of yours who will be trampled into the tekong mud with no clean clothes and no clean friends. yen.

haha ok i dont know what other nonsense i can write but whatever lah i will remember your birthday haha i hope we have a public holiday on that day then can book out and celebrate yes? i thought of a birthday present for you, but if i dont get the present dont kill me ok its the tought that counts and i have already thought of it.

wishing you a happy monday evening
yours scrawnily,

Sunday, April 03, 2005

dear sx

since shengxiang asks me to write to him i shall write to him.

Dear darling Shengxiang,
Hi! How are you. It's been a long time (26hours) since i last saw you. did i tell you, you look real cute with no hair. its no wonder that all the girls you know fall at your feet and worship you. not only do you have a good looking head on your shoulders, you have substance inside to back it up. i hope that you will become a top scientist one day and invent a time machine. that way, we can go back to that fateful day last year and kick NJC's ass. or, if you are really really smart, i hope it would not be of too much trouble for you to invent telephones that do not ring, so i can blog in peace.
anyway, i heard that you are now a combat medic. you see, one day if we really go to war, i might need your help. the embarrasing fact is, i am rather prone to cramps in my calf, and with the long marching hours before the battle, i might actually cramp up during the battle, and that would not do. i wouldn't like the enemy to be the one stretching me. you see, it is important that you always have extra deep heat in your first aid kit. and if you hear the sound "ARGH ARGH" its probably me cramping so please rush to my aid.
you know, sometimes you have gotta think of the future. but i seriously can't imagine a future without you. damn, you've turned me into a gay. seriously, what connection can a scientist (you) have with a psychologist(me)? unless you become a mad scientist, which upon further consideration, seems a very likely scenario indeed. you see, i was thinking of retiring early, being the lazy person that i am. and i have just thought about a way for me to get rich very quick. seeing how marriagible and sought after you are, i was hoping you could marry a rich woman, and by rich i mean VERY rich. and then, when you are rich, i hope you will remember how important our friendship is. ie i hope you divert a reasonably large proportion of the money to me, your most loyal friend.

wishing you a happy sunday.
yours sincerely, truely, faithfully

Friday, April 01, 2005

the office painter

renji. professional office painter. maybe not professional but office painter nonetheless. i just spent two days painting part of my cousin's new office. when i grow up i want to have my own office. but the point here is that office painting, contrary to polular belief, is not a dull mindless job. its much more than that. it is an enriching life experience. when you first paint the wall, it seems like everything is going wrong, cos some parts are darker than others! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! i painted everything so evenly. what kind of dark magic is at work here?! frustrated, unable to coat the wall evenly, i did the best thing i could do then. i cursed nippon and sat down to take a break. disheartened, i turned away from the wall and looked out of the window, and looked to heaven for comfort. when i turned back a magical sight greeted my eyes. the wall was evenly coated, ie the whole wall was the same colour! good and won over evil! ok honestly, after thinking long and hard, i realised that the paint dried as i painted, explaining the different shades of grey-white. so, there is a lesson to be learnt here. sometimes what you are doing may seem in vain. you are frustrated to the max. your anger is eating you from inside. but have patience, the world works in funny ways. in funny balanced ways. everything works out in the end, believe it or not.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

first day

haha so today was my first day at work
venue: Peach Gardens Chinese Restaurant, Novena
time: 1030-1500. 1830-2300
weather: constant (air conditioned, indoors)
number of...
...times i went toilet: 7
...people who called me ah-ji: 2
...people who called me shuai-ge: 1
...dishes i wiped: a few mountains
...times i banged a door into someone's face: 1
...times i dropped the green chilli: 1
...shirts i received : 3
...times i made a fool of myself: 3
...times i wanted to go home: 1238721937982173921 (just joking, i love my job)
...times i went home: 1

ok, so here's something interesting that happened:
Desca (indon waitress): Table 1 wants the beer...
Renji (to Ah Ting): Table 1 wants the bill...
yen. why. i must go and dig my ears.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

to the thief

never knew that there were such people around. this is just a warning to the person who stole my wallet, cleverly figured out my PIN number and emptied my bank account for me on that night. yeah you might think that you're so fucking smart but maybe you forgot that ATM machines have video cameras attached and once i find out who you are you won't want to be you. you might even be someone reading this blog, and if you are and you don't want amogh and me to get you AFTER the police are done with you, it might be wise to return our stuff and my life savings. oh and THANKS for leaving 10 bucks. nice of you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


i'm in love. with floorball again. we finished second, we are unlucky shits man, but the referee said "you got a beautiful team", and he meant the guys. and no we are not beautiful we play beautiful haha. it was just great playing again, but my body almost couldn't take it. i used up hannah's and munlo's deep heat. aiya aiya my heart beats wildly for floorball. i yearn for floorball. i look upon floorball with loving eyes. man. i can't get over it. floorball floorball floorball. floorball floorball floorball.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


i'm a simple boy and i need a simple life. right now things are just too complicated and i just cannot comprehend anything. yeah even my hamster runs away from me. freak la the broken smile is becoming more and more useful everyday.
i've never openly said this before but i'm sad. haha yeah its possible and i'm just fed up with everything. and you're not helping with your nonsense. ok this is unrelated but why can't people just take things easy. is it not too hard just to turn a blind eye to minor things and not be so kaobei about it. ok not everyone is but generally singaporeans get too worked up about things. and much as i love the people around i just need to get away. is it too difficult to smile and turn the other cheek. maybe when something really drastic happens then it will be clear that some things are not really worth that much trouble and fretting. maybe there are so much more good things to do than bad. the world is beautiful. the hamster is cute and lovely. family and friends are wonderful. notice these things around you. its not true that the whole world works against you.
haha wat was that ranting nonsense that i just wrote. wth is wrong with me.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

my family Posted by Hello

this is my family (minus azi who could not be found) and i love them very much. and don't ask why there is an indian in a chinese family. all i can say is that it was due to unforseen circumstances, some technical errors occurred.

nikhil and poser shit renji Posted by Hello